Monday, October 28, 2013

AVL DESIGNS Website Has Moved To A Big and Better Site


Thanks for visiting AVL Designs' blogspot. We have now moved to our own website.

The new website is bigger and better  with many great features that we can interact with you.

As of Monday 28 October 2013, we won't be posting any more article here.

If you would like to get an up date from us. Please visit our site or even better please sign up to our newsletter.

Here is the new website address:

Once again, thanks for dropping. Let's meet again at


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Inspirational Quote in Art & Designs

"The truest expression of people 

is in its dance and in its music. 

Bodies never lie". 

~ Agnes de Mille

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Inspirational Quotes in Art & Designs

"I see dance being used as communication 

between body and soul, 

to express what it too deep to find for words". 

~Ruth St. Denis

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Inspirational Quote in Art & Designs

"To touch, to move, to inspire. 

This is the true gift of dance".

 ~Aubrey Lynch

Monday, September 9, 2013

AVL Designs Womens Spring Collection 2013, Coming Soon!

Today I am sharing just some of the designs from my Women's Spring collection 2013.

Some of the designs were inspired when I was travelling to Asia last year. I love the colourful embroideries work contrast on lighter fabrics. This Spring my collection is about celebrate life, vitality through the use of colours, patterns and using some of embroideries blocks and trims to highlight my designs.

As I mentioned on the last post, most of my designs are limited editions, therefore I will only produce maximum 10-20 designs. I want you to feel special and not walking on the street and you come across another person is also wearing the same designs as yours.

So I hope your like my Spring collection. More to follow..

Please stay tune.

Thanks for dropping by..

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

AVL Designs Mens Spring Collection 2013, Coming Soon!

Here are just some of the designs from AVL Designs Mens Spring Collection 2013. The Spring collection is about celebrating Spring, freshness and bright colours.

I am a huge believer in colour, the colour you wear is a representation of who you are, it has the most effect on your mood. We all have our favourite colour and every time we wear it , it makes us feel confident and sexy.

Black plays a vital role this Spring Collection, I use bright colourful and printed fabrics to bright up your personality. I love bold and bright colours and no matter what the season, I like to wear a lot of colours. So in my Spring Collection I use orange, green, yellow, blue, turquoise and red to contrast with black and grey.

Every month we will feature "AVL LEDs"  (Limited Edition Designs) on our store. We only produce small quantities, and once they're sold they're gone forever. So please visit out e-boutique regularly.

Our e-boutique will be launcedh in Mid September.

Next week we will share with you our Womens Spring Collection for 2013. So please stay tune.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NEW AVL Designs Website Coming Soon!

I was so excited about my new website and I am not suppose to show it as yet because it is still under construction.

I just can't help but to share a sneak peek of the new website with you.


So what do you think?

Please like and leave your comment here or on AVL Facebook Page.

Tune in next week our new collections for Mens, Womens and Accessories for Spring 2013.

Thanks for dropping by.